17+ Romantic Woodworking Projects For Valentines Day

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Nothing says “I love you” like a homemade gift. So try out these woodworking projects for Valentines Day to get your creative juices flowing. Let’s put your woodworking skills to good use and make the perfect thing for your partner this Valentine’s.

You might already have a good idea about what your wife will want, but in case you don’t (or are just looking for some solid plans), I’ve gotcha covered here.

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Let’s not waste any time and get right into it.

A Wooden Heart Bowl

This is a simple project, it won’t take a ton of time and even a beginner could reasonably make this heart-shaped bowl.  And just about any piece of wood will work too, since it’s a relatively small bowl.  

Though you could make it bigger if you wanted.

It’ll be a good decoration for your house, or your wife could use it to hold her rings and jewelry while she sleeps or showers.  If she puts it in the bathroom, seal it properly so that the moisture in the air doesn’t damage the wood over time!

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Voysey Chair with Two Hearts

Credit: FineWoodworkng

This old, classic design chair style is really something.  If your wife is into the early 1900s, or just antique furniture in general she will LOVE this.  

I’m not kidding, it’s a showstopper (especially with a beautiful wood stain) and making one yourself is the ultimate touch and shows that you listen to what she likes.

CNC Cut Wood Heart Lamp

This easy to make heart-shaped lamp is perfect for Valentine's.

This adorable, gorgeous lamp would be perfect as a Valentine’s for your wife, or frankly for your daughter’s rooms.  I can see a little girl being so excited about this.  I know my daughter would have loved it when she was young!

But then, so would my wife now.  You can’t go wrong.

Heart Lollipop Statue

This is another Valentine’s day woodworking project that is pretty simple in concept, and shouldn’t be too hard or require too many fancy tools to make.

It’s a pretty cute knickknack and holiday decoration.  It’d look great on a bedside table or the mantle, and be a constant reminder of how much you love her and what a great team you make.  And I can’t help but think this is just a fun gift idea.

Simple Wood Earrings

These wooden earrings are the perfect woodworking project for Valentine's day, you can make them yourself or buy a pair.

If she loves fashion, you can give her something to enjoy that you give your personal touch.  Some carved wooden earrings would be easy to make from some scrap wood and simple earring posts you can get on Amazon.

Just be sure the posts are quality metal (like these), I’ve heard that low-quality metal can give them an ear infection.  But if you want to talk about a persona, hand-crafted gift this is it.

Wooden Candy Kisses

Little wooden conversation hearts are simple but cute, easy to make, or inexpensive to buy.

Do you know those chalky, conversation candies?  The candy hearts always seem to be everywhere around this time of year.  

You can make a little, permanent set for around the house, and to surprise your wife with.  Hard to go wrong with a “kiss me” heart or one reminding her that she’s your sweetpea!  You can pretty easily use scrap wood or wood slices for this woodworking project too.

Great excuse to play with wood lettering and break out your electric wood burner.

Heart Table That Can Turn Into A Chair

This one might take a bit of extra know-how, but it’s an excellent idea.  Especially if you guys like this kind of stuff around all year round and be some awesome home decor.  

To be honest, when it’s in chair form though, it’s harder to tell that this is a heart, so it’s a little more inconspicuous than you expect when you first hear about it.  That said, it’s cute, it’s fun, and with some pillows, I think it’d be dang comfy.

Honeycomb Shelves

Honeycomb or hexagonal floating shelves make a perfect gift.

Why not try your hand at these simple, floating hexagon shelves?  I know my wife has been asking about these for awhile, and she can’t be the only one.

So, why not surprise her and build some for this special day?  Maybe use some cedar wood or a really nice maple.  I dunno about you, but I think this is a great gift idea.  

Flower Vase or Propagation Vase

If your partner loves plants, this is the perfect gift to help them grow a proper jungle in the house.

If your home is slowly becoming more and more jungle than house, you might wanna make her a custom propagation vase courtesy of you, her husband.  Enable her plant habit, she’ll be happier than ever, believe me.

And if it’s something special from you, it’ll be 100 times better.

Pallet Wood Heart

Pallet wood has been a favorite material for awhile now, it’s easy to obtain, relatively inexpensive, and simple to work with.

But, it also makes a nice finished product if you know how to use it right.  Which, this video shows you exactly how.  It’s perfect for the lady in your life who loves shabby chic and rustic stuff.  

So go on and take this basic wood and turn it into something really special.

Wood and Epoxy Jewelry Box

Have you seen those amazing resin tables made with natural wood slabs?  This follows that same idea but in a more home garage and workshop-friendly way.

A jewelry box is a classic, perfect gift.  It’s a little more finicky as far as projects go, so maybe try this if you’re intermediate or advanced rather than a beginner.

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Heart Shelf

Frankly, this is another simple shelf to make.  I don’t think it’ll be that much harder than the honeycomb shelves, you’re just going to need to measure a bit more.  

But, it’s a cute idea that I can see going over big with certain ladies in your life.  How could it not, especially if you use nice wood and a good finish.

Pennsylvania Spice Box

A Pennsylvania spice box is the perfect "I love you" for an avid cook and antique lover.

This is another beautiful build for the lady in your life who enjoys antiques.  It’s a great way to store your spices and keep them safe, but within easy reach while cooking.

And it looks great too.

Fancy End Grain Cutting Board

A beautiful, end-grain cutting board is exactly the kind of thing someone who loves cooking will appreciate.

If she loves to cook, it’s impossible to go wrong with a beautiful cutting board.  Not many people can say they have a custom handmade cutting board from the love of their life.  

Be the one to make that a reality and enjoy the food prepped on your art piece!  

And there are so many actual patterns you could play with.  It’d be a nice touch to figure out what types of patterns she likes and try to make one with those, though, I’m sure your lady will like anything you make.

Charcuterie Boards

Nesting charcuterie boards that fit perfectly together, just like you and your spouse.

This is the most delightful idea for a charcuterie board I’ve seen.  This sucker is just so cute, it feels like an easy thing to make too.  You don’t exactly need a ton of tools to complete something like this or a lot of knowledge on how to work with end grains.

But it lets you play with different types of wood or at least different stains.  You get some nice dark wood like a purple heart and contrast it with a light birch.

I might make this one myself.

Heart Handled Cutting Board

A heart-handled cutting board like this one is easy to make, especially if you have a template.

I know we’ve had a few cutting board and cutting board-type things in this list, but…It’s such a simple and nice gift idea.

It’s hard to go wrong with a heart-handled cutting board too, it’s simple, elegant, and also functional.  Hard to get better than that, frankly.

Wine Rack

A wine rack (or cube as the case may be here) is a great valentine's day gift.

Alright, we have beer and beer coolers, the ladies need their wine, so why not build her a nice wine rack?

There’s nothing more romantic than a candlelit dinner with some wine, from the wine rack you just built for her, right?  They don’t have to be overly complicated or hard to build either.  Something like this is a good beginner build.

If these woodworking projects for Valentine’s day don’t give you some ideas for the perfect gift for your lady, I don’t know what will.  There are a million options out there, and you hold the key to the best one.  

Just make sure it’s from the heart, and she’ll love it 100%.