Building Like a Boss! Types of Hardwood for Every Project

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Hey there, guys! Today, we’re diving into the wonderful world of hardwood! Ever wondered what makes that dining room table so sturdy, or that guitar so rich-sounding? The answer might be hardwood. A versatile material prized by furniture makers, DIY enthusiasts, and anyone who appreciates beautiful, long-lasting materials. Hardwood comes from broad-leafed trees, unlike softwoods … Read more

Woodworking Basics For [Total] Beginners

Are you a new woodworker? GREAT! This woodworking basics guide will catapult you from total beginner to building your first successful wood project. Lots of folks who decide to work with wood really struggle in the beginning. We don’t want that to be you. That’s why we’re going to introduce you to all the woodworking … Read more

Woodworking Safety Tips for Beginners

Don’t lose a finger! Read these woodworking safety tips for beginners. If you’re thinking about starting a woodworking project, then you should definitely consider these basic safety rules. They’ll help you stay safe and prevent injuries. Woodworking is an amazing hobby and profession that has been around for centuries. It’s also a dangerous hobby if … Read more