21+ Woodworking Projects With Plans To Make Your Life Easier

Are you on the hunt for woodworking projects with plans to take your builds to the next level?  Or perhaps you’re just looking for some inspiration to strike.

Maybe you’re just getting started and don’t know what to make, and you know you need a plan since drafting your own seems a bit risky for a beginner.  Well, look no further.

We have everything from easy to advanced, so no matter your skill level, there’s a project here for you.  Look through these and see what catches your eye!

Time to get into the nitty-gritty and see which of these woodworking DIY projects you gotta make!

French Cleat Modular Closet

This is a simple, functional, practical, AND beautiful closet solution with a free plan to go with it.  Hard to beat that.  If you or your spouse needs help organizing their closet this is the thing to make.

Multi-Function Transforming Chair

This is one of the woodworking projects with plans that we have here today, it's a multi-function bench that can have many configurations.

This is a gorgeous multi-function piece of furniture.  It’s perfect for small spaces, apartments, or patios.  It’ll transform into a table, a loveseat, you can adjust it to be a chair with a table to set your drinks on.

It’s also visually stunning.

It’s worth noting this is probably one of the more complicated projects here, but the plans are well-written and illustrated.


So, is a truly gorgeous nightstand with simple-to-follow plans and a video tutorial showing you how to make it.  If you’re looking to spruce up your, or a guest bedroom this is an easy way to do that.

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Vertical Plant Wall

This vertical plant stand is the perfect project for gardeners.

A plant wall like this saves space, looks great, and makes the perfect place for either flowers or a small batch of food crops.  This is one of the really great functional woodworking projects we have here.

It’d even work in an apartment, if you have a small patio you can set this up on it.

Wooden Lamps

These are wooden lamps that you can make!

These are some very unique, yet beginner-friendly lamps that you can make.  It’s a simple build with a big payoff.  Definitely one of the more basic projects, but it still packs a big punch visually.

These will make the perfect bedside lamp to go on your new nightstand!

Desk Organizer

A desk caddy like this is perfect for keeping your desk organized.  Try this woodworking project with a plan!

Do you have trouble keeping your desk organized?  Are things always strewn around making it harder for you to focus?  

Build yourself this desk caddy, it’s the perfect companion for your computer desk!  Its skill level would be best described as intermediate, so not difficult but not a beginner’s plan.

How To Make Mission Furniture Rare Illustrated Book PDF

This is a rare book that's now available for download, of 30 Mission Furniture plans.

Okay, I’ll admit this isn’t a plan in the way we usually think of them.  But, how could I resist including this?  

This is a gem of a book, teaching you all the classic techniques you need to make your own mission furniture, including plans and instructions on how to make them. 

If you want a lot of projects to make, giving yourself some challenging, weeks-long project this is it.  You can make a whole room full of furniture with this.

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Grandfather Clock

A beautiful, traditional grandfather clock plan for you to build.

Okay, I know there’s a little more than woodworking that goes into making a clock, but woodworking and clockmaking go hand in hand.

A match made in woodworking heaven.  And these woodworking plans will walk you through everything you need to know.  So, as far as DIY projects go, I’d give this one a go.

Simple Bookcase

A simple bookcase like this one is great to make as one of your first projects.

A bookcase is a very useful, very easy-to-build project.  As far as beginner projects go, it doesn’t get too much simpler.

It’s pretty enough, versatile for books or knickknacks and the type of wood you use or the color of paint you coat it in can easily turn it into a surprising statement piece if you wanted.

Tool Chest With Drawers

Though maybe not a suitable first project, this toolbox is an excellent woodworking project with a plan.

Instead of getting an overpriced tool chest from your local big box tool store, why not make your own instead?

You can add your personal touch and know it’s built how you want it.  

Be mindful, if you get these plans, they say it’s a beginner’s plan but I’d say it’s a little closer to intermediate.

Rustic Two Board Table

It doesn’t get much cheaper to make than this, for around $20 you can make this table.  It’s a beautiful rustic table with a modern flare, and the plans even teach you how to have a built-in phone charging cable. 

A furniture project like this doesn’t get more inexpensive than this, while still being beautiful.  You really can’t go wrong.

Basic Mallet Plan

These basic mallet plans are an excellent thing to make, and the perfect addition to your toolbox.

A mallet is a must-have in any garage, whether you decide to go with a rubber one from the tool store or make your own out of wood.  

A wooden one is a beautiful alternative and adds a personal touch to your toolkit that you might not otherwise get to enjoy.

Your Own Workbench

 If you have a small space or just need a new workbench PERIOD, these are the workbench plans to use.

These are truly the ultimate plans when it comes to workbenches.  They are detailed and helpful and there’s even a video series to watch along with it while you build.  

If you are working in a tight space, this is the perfect workbench to build, with ample storage, a built-in dust system, and everything.  It’s broken up into bite-sized projects too, so it won’t be too hard to make.

Tambour Cabinet Plans

This is a gorgeous cabinet and these project plans make it very easy to make.  It’s hard to go wrong with this mid-century modern look, it’s very popular right now.

Dining Table & Chairs

An outdoor dining set for your patio could be all yours with these woodworking plans.

Whether you’re wanting something for your dining room, or something for a patio this is a beautiful set of wooden furniture you can build.  

These plans cover the table, chairs, and a larger chair.  

Farmhouse End Table

This is a simple project that you can build with very easy-to-follow instructions that give you a beautiful result.  

You don’t need a ton of fancy tools to build this either, so if you are still getting your shop set up this is the perfect simple woodworking project.

Farmhouse Trestle Table

This farmhouse trestle table is made simple with easy to follow plans.

Here’s a farmhouse trestle table to match your end table!  

These quality plans are for beginner to intermediate woodworkers and I have to say this is one of the more attractive projects I’ve seen.

Double Cooler Plans

A double cooler helps make the perfect patio parties, and these plans make it simple to make.

If you love entertaining, this is a must-build, frankly.  I’m not sure this is exactly a beginner woodworking project, but it isn’t going to be too difficult.

The plans are very well-made, self-explanatory, and reliable.  

Chess Board With Drawer

This is such a delightful plan for the intermediate to advanced woodworker looking for a slightly more challenging project.

It’s fun and would make a great gift for the brainiac in your life too.

Herringbone Picket Fence Planter

This picket fence planter is both beautiful and inexpensive to build, and these plans show you how.

This is another inexpensive, but really visually stunning project that you can easily build out of picket fence wood.  

If you’re looking for DIY woodwork projects, this is one for you.  It’s beautiful and adds a lot of curb appeal to your home.

Plant Stand With Arbor

This gorgeous arbor is simple enough to build and can make your yard the talk of the town.  Or the block at least.

If you want to talk about a classic design, how can you get more classic than an arbor for your yard?  This one just happens to double as a plant stand too.

The plans are great, detailed, and simple to follow and will get you a really nice result if you follow them.

A Farm Table With Chunky Legs

This farm table is a head turner and sturdy, sure to last you a lifetime.  These plans will show you what you need to know.

Okay, chunky might not sound like the most appealing word but, these are thick and nicely designed.

You’ll get a beautiful dining room table, that’s very sturdy and durable, and if you follow these step by step plans you are certain to get something you are beyond happy with.

Those are all the woodworking projects with plans we have for today but don’t worry.  When I find more plans worth seeing, I’ll keep adding them.  I hope you found something that caught your eye, and have your next building projects all lined up!