19 Wooden Christmas Yard Decorations [Ideas + Plans]

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Handmade wooden Christmas yard decorations are the ultimate woodworking project to tackle during the holiday season. Even completely new woodworkers can craft unique, custom handmade lawn projects with this collection of full-size woodcraft patterns and ideas.

If you are in a hurry, we are confident you’ll find an eye-catching display here.

Yep, it’s time to pull out the ugly sweaters and whip up an adorable holiday display to make even Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor turn green with envy. No, we are not talking about a 280-light Reindeer but making the ultimate attention-grabbing Christmas yard display woodworking project!

Make The Holidays Special With These Wooden Christmas Yard Decorations!

Wooden Christmas Yard Decorations pin

These yard decoration ideas will get you into the holiday spirit! Aren’t they just the perfect holiday decoration to compliment your terrifically trimmed tree and delightfully decked halls?

Kissing Santa Claus and Mrs. Clause Christmas Yard Decoration

These are a kissing Mr. and Mrs. Clause wooden Christmas yard decorations.

Santa would never forget the mistletoe! This Santa outdoor lawn art is the perfect holiday decoration.

This fun yard display is nearly 4 feet tall. It’s one of the most adorable Santas we’ve seen in a long time. A fun project for any woodworker or get one already made and just pop it into your yard.

Fantastic-Looking Pine Trees [Wood Pattern]

Simple wooden Christmas tree yard decorations.

Christmas trees make the best holiday decor, don’t they? This adorable project can be used indoors or out depending on how you finish your wood. They will look lovely sitting on your mantle or as a centerpiece.

And if you’re ambitious, you can make a small army of them to line your walkway or drive! This is one of our favorite tree projects because of its versatility. NOTE: If you are like this fun design check out these laser cut or CNC Christmas tree ornaments.

Christmas Stocking Yard Decoration Idea

Stocking wooden Christmas yard decorations.

Multiple Christmas stockings all in a row! This colorful yard display is easy to personalize in the colors of your choice. You can even add names to the “cuffs” of each stocking so Santa will know who to leave gifts for inside! Making this attractive display from plywood will be a breeze even for new woodworkers.

Robot Walker Reindeer Pulling Darth Villain (PLANS ONLY)

A Darth Vader sleigh with a robot walker reindeer, wooden Christmas yard decoration.

Anyone can have a Santa & Sleigh! This unusual and fun design, let’s call it a “SiFi Santa Mobile”, is one of those yard projects designed to get the neighbors talking!

WARNING! If you make one of these wooden Christmas yard decorations ALL your friends and family will want you to make them one too!

This exclusive design features** Full-size patterns**

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Lawn Ornaments Collection [Adorable Designs]

A collection of adorable wooden Christmas yard decorations.

Who doesn’t love that holiday classic “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer”?

Look no further for an adorable holiday display full of the whistful colorful design of yesteryear you have found it in this colorful holiday yard display.

Personally, we want a yard full of Bumbles but that’s just us.

Rudolph And Clarice Yard Decorations

Rudolph and Clarice Christmas yard decorations.

Adorable reindeer anyone? They don’t come any cuter than the classic Rudolph And Clarice. We bet he’ll be able to impress her in YOUR yard. After all, there’s no mud on that nose now!

Sam The Snowman!

This is a Sam the Snowman yard decorations for the holidays.

Perhaps the most famous narrator of all… Sam The Snowman!

Making this collection is a fun trip down memory lane and a cute project to do with your little ones. Or buy them ready-made and simply enjoy setting them up (and watching the film) with your kids.

Yukon Cornelius Yard Sign

Yukon Cornelius yard decoration.

He may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but there is no denying that Yukon Cornelius has a hart of gold. This festive decoration will bring Holiday memories flooding back for everyone passing by your home.

Misfit Choo Choo Train Yard Decoration

This is a misfit choo choo train for in your yard.

Enchanted Choo-Choo Trains? CHECK! No charming display of Rudolph’s misfit toys would be complete without one! But can someone please do something about his square back wheels?

Misfit Toys Collection & Hermey

A misfit toys collection to put in your yard.

Misfit toys and Hermey the would-be dentist round out this adorable holiday display from the 1964 Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Christmas Special.

Christmas Wooden Firewood Rudolph Reindeer

This is a Rudolph the Reindeer made out of firewood.

And now for something completely different. This deer yard sculpture is a fun project that will delight anyone on your Christmas list. It’s a completely different take on a “Reindeer Lawn Sculpture”.

We think this makes for an attractive display for anyone wanting a more rustic look. As simple as this DIY yard decoration is, why stop with one adorable reindeer yard decoration when you can have a whole herd?

Christmas Yard 3-D Reindeer Yard Art [PATTERN ONLY]

3D Reindeer yard art for the holidays.

Here we have another adorable reindeer lawn sculpture. Standing a little over 3 feet tall thesefull-size patterns are easy to follow. Simple to make and eye-catching in your yard. Before you know it, you’ll have enough to pull Sant’s Sleigh and then some!

Lighted Pallet Wood Christmas Tree With Stand

A pallet wood Christmas tree with lights for on your porch or in your yard.

Scrap lumber never looked so good! This eye-catching display lights up for both day and nighttime fun. This is a really fun project for new woodworkers because it comes together so fast and you get a lot of WOW factor for your efforts. And just look at all the practice you’ll get making your butt joints!

Grinch Yard Art Patterns For Christmas

The Grinch Stealing Christmas Lights [PDF Pattern]

The grinch yard art, stealing Christmas lights.

One of our favorite scenes from this holiday classic. You can create this humorous yard display from plywood using this Grinch outdoor decoration pattern. It’s a comical display that is sure to grab the attention of all your “non-woodworking” friends.

Who knows, perhaps making these will be the beginning of a woodworking business for you. There are worse things to do than makingadorable holiday displays for a living.

Click the image to see the full-size patterns.

Grinch Hand Holding Christmas Ornament [PDF Pattern]

A Grinch hand holding an ornament to hang on your house or in your yard.

This fun display is not exactly a Grinch yard decoration pattern but it is the right size for your fence, front door, or hanging out the window! Though it means you’ll have to finish both sides of this wooden yard decoration we think the reaction you’ll get from friends and family is well worth the effort!

Click the image to see the full-size patterns.

Grinch Characters & Christmas Tree [PDF Pattern]

Christmas tree from the Grinch yard decorations.

This charming display of beloved characters would LOVE to greet your holiday guests and help them get into the spirit of Christmas. Complete your amazing pattern collection with these Grinch wood yard art patterns.

Click the image to see the full-size patterns.

Grinch Character Set: Good Grinch, Max and Cindy

The good Grinch, Max and Cindy.

You are going to love this attention-grabbing Christmas yard display! This 4 foot tall, 3 piece set will brighten up your yard and delight your friends. Seriously, who doesn’t love the Grinch after he grows a heart?

Grinch Peeking Over The Fence [Woodworking Pattern]

A wooden Grinch decoration where he's peeking over the fence.

Just bursting with character this special pattern is super cute and easy to make. You don’t need tons of material for it either for this Grinch yard decoration pattern. Some scrap plywood should do the trick. Of course, as with a lot of woodworking projects like this one, once your friends see it, you’ll be making lots more!

Click the image to see the full-size patterns.

Adorable Snowman Decor For Your Home or Yard.

A pallet wood snowman for your yard.

Give your yard some Christmas Love with an adorable yard display of snowmen to welcome your guests and brighten holiday spirits. Make several of these pallet wood snowmen and set up a colorful, charming yard display.

The holidays are a great time to be a new woodworker. There are so many fun things to build to decorate your home and to give as gifts for family and friends. And remember, DIY wood projects like these wooden Christmas yard decorations are also a wonderful way to spend quality time with loved ones and to pass on a love of woodworking.

We would LOVE to see your creations. Please drop us a line and share your woodworking masterpieces!

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