10+ Modern AND Classic Wood Toy Plans

Whether it’s for fun, a birthday or the holidays these wood toy plans can help you figure out what to make for that special little one in your life!  It’s the perfect handmade and personalized touch for your grandkids or little ones.  And the kind of toy that can last them a lifetime and be given to their kids in turn.

These toys for kids are gunna just make you grin and bring everyone so much joy.  So, let’s take a look!

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Tips For Making Wood Toys

We’re going to start off with some really nice, general toymaking tips.  Beyond the simple “take these pieces of wood and turn them into something” kind, while still covering some basic woodworking skills.

Consider this your introduction to becoming one of Santa’s elves.  Every one of you needs to know all the tips and tricks there is to know when it comes to making joy for all the little ones in your life!

Toy Carousel Plans that actually turn.

A real classic in the wooden toy universe.  Carousels are timeless, fun and a wonderful thing to share.  Plus, they are a very interesting project to take on.  With enough moving parts to be interesting, without being so complicated that you couldn’t handle it as a beginner.  Especially with these how-to project plans.

Toy Car Plans

Toy car plans you can build

Who doesn’t love a good toy car?  Wooden toy car plans make it simple to whip up this toy, so with just a bit of skill and the ability to read you’ll have the perfect car.  Whether making it for your own kid, or a perfect grandchild, this couldn’t be better for a birthday or Christmas gift. 

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Walking Bunny Wood Toy

This wood toy moves and walks without assistance or any kind of battery, making it the perfect toy for a little one to fuss with and make go on their own.  It’s honestly one of the cutest toys I’ve seen around, and the video shows you exactly how he made it.

I haven’t seen any actual plans for this, but with creative screen-capping you could pretty easily transfer his design onto some paper with the printer!

Skateboarding Panda Plans

Skateboarding Panda Plans

This is a really fun, modern take on the usual wood toy plans we like to make for our kids.  If you don’t think that they’ll enjoy the classics (trucks, planes, cars and dinos anyone?) then try this really fun skateboarding panda.

It’s a unique take a very traditional and beautiful craft that is sure to bring joy to the maker and the kiddo receiving the wonderful gift!

Truck, Trailer and Hiloader Toy Plans

Toy trucks you can build, trailer, truck and hiloader plans!

Now back to something you’d expect to find a fun woodworking toy plan for!  I remember when my son was little, he loved playing with his toy trucks in the sandbox.  Couldn’t get enough of them.  Now, the ones we had were made from steel.

These will perhaps be a little less liable to break something when dropped, and can be made in any kind of wood you love.  And believe me when I say there are MANY types of wood out there to choose from.

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Wood Dinosaur Toy Plans

Wooden toy dino plans.

Little boys and little girls all go through that “dino obsessed” phase.  At least, all the ones I’ve known in my years!  Especially when they are just wee tots.  I wish I’d had these plans when my granddaughter was little enough to really enjoy it.

I can imagine her zooming these across the floor as she scoots along.  The imagination of children really is something else, watching them play with things like this always makes puts me in awe of the stories they create!

Wooden Gear Tractor Toy

Wooden toy tractor plans

My son had a full set of different trucks and vehicles actually.  Tractors included, and what can I say, little boys just seem to go crazy for these.  He wanted to be just like his dad, which couldn’t have made me prouder at the time.  

They are so fun to push around, “drive” and work with.  You can’t go wrong with these for the new little kids in your life.

Chess Set

Wood chess board plans

I had to include this amazing chess set I found, for the older kids and adults.  Really, anyone who likes a good game or wants to learn how to play this classic strategy game that can really sharpen your mental skills. 

I gotta say, it always stumped me but my wife just loves it and enjoys teaching all the grandkids.  These woodworking plans make it super easy to make a customized wooden chess set.  What could make a more wonderful gift for the brainiacs in our lives?

Helicopter Wood Toy

Wooden helicopter plans

This helicopter is just so dang cool.  The propellers actually turn when you move them, making it a fun dynamic toy that a little one can fuss with or a bigger kid can zoom around the living room.

It’s a good thing to get for plane obsessed kids too, that can help them learn about other things that can fly!

Toddlers Classic Balance Bike

Toddlers classic balance bike plans

This is the perfect toy to help with your kids (or grandkids) gross motor skills.  If they are just starting to get on the move, there’s nothing quite like a balance bike to help them learn how to navigate this big world of ours.

These wooden toy plans are perfect for that and make it super easy to make!  These are downloadable plans, and include SVG’s for those guys out there with CNC machines.  But, even if you don’t have that kind of fancy tool, the skill level required for making this is pretty low, so even beginners can make it.

Hill Billy Hot Rods Wooden Toys

Hill Billy Hot Rod Plans

If you want to give them a taste of the past, these hillbilly hot rods are such great, old school cars that you can build.  These are toys on wheels, so they can roll properly.  

This is actually a collection of plans, including four different cars you can build.  They are easy to follow and concise, really top notch and fun to make.  

This is all the toys I’ve found so far, with quality woodworking plans.  I won’t include it if I don’t think it’s worth your time, effort and wood. 

Pro Tip: If you’re looking for woodworking plans that sell you can’t go wrong with these classic toys. 

Especially if its for your kids!  This is going to be helping with child development and fun, after all.  So, I’ll keep on adding to this list as I find more plans I think are worthwhile.  These were some of my personal favorite wood toy plans, I’m sure I’ll find more though.  

Stay tuned guys, and keep going in that workshop.