7+ Small Woodworking Projects For Gifts

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These small woodworking projects for gifts are great for new woodworkers wanting to show off their skills. Each one is easy to complete and will make someone’s day as they pull it out of the gift wrap.

Everyone knows handmade gifts are the best gifts.

The following woodworking projects are simple enough for beginners but still offer a challenge. Some of the projects are even suitable for children to make. They are all designed to be made from scrap wood so are inexpensive to make.

I am sure you will find something here that you like.

Small Woodworking Projects For Gifts [Woodworking Gift Ideas From Your Heart]

Small Woodworking Gifts For Beginning Woodworkers To Make.

There are many different types of woodworking projects that you can choose from. You can start off with something as simple as making a wooden box or as complex as building a full-scale model airplane.

What’s more, you can customize each of these simple woodworking projects with your own personal touch by choosing different colors or sizes!

Just be warned, once you start passing out your handmade woodworking gifts, everyone will want you to make them one, too!

Wooden Gift Boxes – Easy DIY Wooden Gift Boxes

One of the easiest box projects you are ever going to find. This tutorial shows how to build a simple wooden box that would be perfect for storing jewelry.

It’s made from a solid chunk of scrap mahogany, but any attractive wood will do. Note, this means there’s no need for clamping and gluing. Be sure to check out the swivel lid. It’s super simple to make and is addictive to play with. (Watch to the end of the short video then tell me if I’m wrong!)

These wooden boxes can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes so there’s sure to be something that fits any occasion.

For their size, they also have plenty of storage space inside which makes them perfect for storing jewelry, candy, paper clips, pens, pencils, etc.

DIY Candy Dispenser

DIY Small Woodworking Gifts For Beginning Woodworkers To Make For Around The House.

As far as small woodworking ideas for gifts go this one really rocks. It’s a super clever project that kids of all ages will love. Just imagine this cute candy dispenser filled up with jelly beans (as shown) or whatever hard candy the person you’re giving it to loves.

Honestly, it’s one of the most attractive projects we’ve seen in quite a while and is designed for instant smiles!

To make these really personalized wood gifts we recommend you paint or wood burn the name of the person you are giving it to onto the front of this awesome piece.

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Tealight Candle Holders

DIY Tealight Candle Holders - Small Woodworking Gifts For Beginning Woodworkers To Make.

As simple projects go, these tealight candle holders make the perfect gift for almost anyone. I mean, who doesn’t love candles?

And when you consider all the types of wood you can make these out of? They really make for some very personalized wood gifts.

Bonus: this is another really quick project to make.

All it takes is a block of wood, a few basic tools like a saw, drill (with wide bit), sandpaper, some lovely wood finish, and BAM! You have made someone’s day. Oh, don’t forget to add the tea light candles.

We love how easy and customizable this DIY project is. The small amount of wood it takes means it’ll help you keep the scrap pile in your woodshop under control, too! This really is the perfect project for that special someone any time of year.

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Tiny DIY Bird House Ornament

DIY Birdhouse Ornament - Small Woodworking Gifts For Beginning Woodworkers To Make.

Here’s a great little, and when we say little we mean LITTLE, scrap wood project for you. Because it’s only a few inches wide, any woodworker will have enough wood pieces laying around the shop to whip up a bunch of these beautiful little gifts.

Bonus: Beginner woodworking projects like this one are wonderful for kids.

In fact, back when we were kids, my brother and I used to make tiny birdhouses like this with our Grandfather. He called them “mosquito houses”!

Proving that simple gifts are often the best gifts, everyone in our family had two or three of these little beauties. My grandmother had about six of them, painted in different colors, hanging on her Christmas tree (they make excellent gifts too!) each year.

This is a scaled-down model of the birdhouse plans found here.

Rustic Wood Slice Coasters

Rustic Wood Slice Coasters - Small Woodworking Gifts For Beginning Woodworkers To Make.

One of the classic small DIY wood gifts is a wood slice coaster set. The trick to these simple gifts is to get them cut uniformly and then seal them well with polyurethane.

You can see a fellow make a set of these right here.

Beginner woodworkers are going to love this project. Great for last-minute gift-giving. This is a quick project. And only the tiniest bit of woodworking skill is necessary to make these lovely wood gifts.

And you can’t beat the price of materials. Just keep your eye out for someone felling trees in your neighborhood and POOF! All the wooden pieces you could want are yours, probably, free for the taking.

DIY Over The Arm Sofa Table

DIY Over-The-Arm Sofa Table - Small Woodworking Gifts For Beginning Woodworkers To Make.

Check out this over the arm sofa side table. Isn’t it one of the best woodworking ideas for gifts you’ve ever seen?

Who wouldn’t want one of these babies?

As long as you make it fit snugly to the sofa in question, it will be a really sturdy table, too. Isn’t it one of the most beginner-friendly woodworking gift ideas you’ve ever seen? Seriously, only the most basic skills and common tools are needed to make this.

The one pictured here is as simple as they come but still quite lovely and super functional too. It totally lets the wood speak for itself.

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Picket Fence Picture Clip

DIY Wood Picket Fence Picture Frame - Small Woodworking Gifts For Beginning Woodworkers To Make.

No collection of wood gift ideas would be complete without a picture frame. This picket fence picture clip is a great project to get kids involved with and they make beautiful gifts.

BONUS: A wooden item like this sells well at craft fairs and bazaars too!

Just imagine this decoration piece painted in colors to match the decor of their intended recipients. Or finished with lovely wood oil or stain if you are using some pretty wood.

Making them is a simple and forgiving process. Only truly basic skills are needed. You’ll make lots of memories to share on them as your children or grandchildren help you craft them.

image source

Block Pen & Pencil Holder

DIY Wood Block Pencil Holder - Small Woodworking Gifts For Beginning Woodworkers To Make.

One of the most practical projects on our list, nothing could be easier to make than this woodblock pen and pencil holder. Virtually no one will need any project plans to get this one done. Sometimes simple gifts are the best gifts, right?

TIP: If you make the holes big enough crayons will fit in them!

It is both lovely and useful, truly a beautiful woodworking project you can be proud of. You can make this out of any wooden pieces you have laying around your shop.

Made from a solid block of wood, you can let the grain speak for itself or call attention to it with some brass escutcheon pins and silver wire brads like you see in this image. That makes it truly BLINGTASTIC!

Of course, you can always paint it, or let your child paint it. Just imagine this with your child or grandchild’s name written in glitter or their hand or footprints on the front! This truly is one of those DIY wood gifts that let the creativity of the crafter shine!

image source

Model Airplanes Make GREAT Wooden Gift Ideas!

Check it out. In short order, you can learn how to make a Spitfire Fighter Aircraft out of wood! As woodworking ideas for gifts go this has to be the ultimate idea!

Though not one of the most practical projects you will find on this list is sure is one awesome piece. This beautiful piece is going to be easy for any experienced woodworker. But it’s not so difficult that folks with other skill levels won’t be able to get the job done.

Check out the video for the step-by-step process.

You’ll see it’s not really all that hard but you will need a few more carpentry tools than most of the other projects listed require.

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Small Woodworking Gifts For Beginning Woodworkers To Make.

The small woodworking projects for gifts shown here are simple to do and only require the most basic woodworking knowledge and tools. Any of them would be a nice addition to any home or office.

When you make your own version of these projects we sure hope you’ll reach out and show them to us. We’ll share them with the rest of our guests so they can be inspired by YOU!

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